Having a Professional Chef cook in your home has never been easier or more affordable. The program is simple: you choose between 3-5 different meals and we prepare them with a variety of delicious sides for you and your family.  The service is extremely versatile; you can sign up for a weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly service, and you can cancel at any time.  There are no binding contracts or hidden fees with this service.


We start with a complimentary consultation to discuss your dietary needs, taste preferences, allergies and favorite foods.  Before each cook date, the Chef will ask for your menu selections and pair these with some deliciously healthy and seasonal side dishes.  Every meal will be carefully prepared in your home from scratch, using only the best ingredients on the market. 

Each meal is conveniently packaged for you with reheating instructions to enjoy at your discretion.


Green Sage Kitchen offers Personal Chef Services at a flat rate plus the cost of groceries. The Chef’s fee includes the free initial consultation, menu planning, grocery shopping before each cook date, food preparation, reheating instructions and a spotlessly clean kitchen after every meal!




Here are the Packages that we offer with pricing included- each entrée comes with a side dish. Please note that groceries are additional to this fee:


5 Entrees/6 servings (30 servings total): $375
5 Entrees/4 servings (20 servings total): $340
5 Entrees/2 servings (10 servings total): $310


4 Entrees/6 servings (24 servings total): $320
4 Entrees/4 servings (16 servings total): $290
4 Entrees/2 servings (8 servings total): $260


3 Entrees/8 servings (24 servings total): $310
3 Entrees/6 servings (18 servings total): $280
3 Entrees/4 servings (12 servings total): $240
3 Entrees/2 servings (6 servings total): $220


**We do offer packages without the side dishes included, these are $30 less then the pricing listed above