Of course, the key to good food is good ingredients. It is really that simple.  Everything from Green Sage is made with the best seasonal, sustainable ingredients available on the market. We will bring our home-made local fare to your table; whether it is for your family dinner or your wedding day, we have the perfect menu for you. 


With growing concerns about global warming and sustainable energy, more and more of the general public is showing concern over their connection to the earth and the influence that industrial food production has on their bodies, spirit, and overall health. We believe that supporting local and sustainable ingredients and communities is not only good for the local farmers, it is also good for our clients, and our business practices.


Green Sage offers boutique catering specializing in seasonal and local ingredients. While we strive to make our ingredients the best possible, we also know the value in being affordable too. That's why we take the time to customize each event to make it special and memorable.